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Let’s Show a Little Class Planned Parenthood

How many times are we asked why we don’t want Planned Parenthood in our schools?  When our neighbors consider us Bible-toting rednecks, we can explain what Planned Parenthood really does behind their pink doors, that they sell body parts of infants to third parties for money, how they sometimes doctor a woman’s medical records so […]

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EBSCO Strikes Again, but in Indiana it is Called “INSPIRE”

We have been sharing the news about EBSCO, a school library database in use around the country which has links to obscene material and material which is illegal to be used in schools in some states.  Parents in Indiana did their own research and found their schools are using “INSPIRE”, a branch of EBSCO.  Best of all, their […]

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Anaheim, the Home of Disneyland, is no Longer for Children

Recently word went out that Anaheim, California schools were being inundated by the LGBT agenda, despite parent concerns.  We assume Anaheim is a place for children and families but we are finding that is not the case. We shouldn’t be surprised since Disney is a partner with GLSEN, an organization based in New York City […]

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Poetry Slam in Scottsdale, Arizona Schools is Not Poetry

Dorothy, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.   We can say the same about curriculum in public schools today.  When a school district offers extra activities and opportunities for learning, parents assume these will round out the subject matter and be of some value for the student as he moves through future educational endeavors.  In the current […]

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The EBSCO Network Surfaces in Mesa, Arizona Schools

Once we heard about the EBSCO/porn ties which are being pushed in a Colorado school district, we checked out the Tempe Union High School District in search of the same ties.  Because Tempe is a liberal city and gave Planned Parenthood a seat at their table in 2014, we were not surprised to see the […]

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EBSCO and School Libraries

We often hear conversations among parents about the amount of time our youth spend on computers.  It used to be a novelty for kids to have an hour or two each to play video games and then they would be kicked off to go play outside or read a book, a real book, not one […]

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Exciting News for Parents in the United States

Good things take time, and finally we can announce a huge step towards protecting children from Planned Parenthood and sexualization, especially while they are in school.  As you know, NotInOurSchools began in Arizona when residents of Tempe were lied to and deceived by their high school governing board and superintendent over whether Planned Parenthood was welcome […]

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Your Tax Money Advertises for Planned Parenthood Candidates

We hear so much about dark money pouring into the political process.  Both sides of the political spectrum blame the other for those mysterious contributions to buy advertising during prime time and influence elections.  Political non-profits are not legally bound to reveal their donors.  Super PACs are legally required to disclose their donors, but they […]

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Great Hearts Caves

August 26, 2018 update: Great Hearts parents are hearing that Erik Twist is denying the story published on two days ago.  We are hoping Mr. Twist provides a clear statement on what is going on at the school.  We are also told he has a record of traditional values so to this point has […]

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