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Satanists are Out of the Closet: It’s Abortions They Want

Little did we know when we posted the relationship between the Satanic Temple and Arizona State Representative Athena Salman the abortion lobby would back us up. Recently Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. Unfortunately, many on the Left were more concerned about their future abortions than Justice Ginsburg’s soul or the loss her family, […]

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More of Arizona Education Chief Kathy Hoffman’s Obsessions

Material just presents itself. It really isn’t hard to understand why Arizonans and many around the country are questioning what makes Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman tick. Remember when we posted about Superintendent Hoffman being upset at some negative attention on Twitter? Next Spring, GLSEN will be hosting a fundraising and awards event. […]

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Who Does The Arizona Squad Charm?

Don’t think the squad only exists in Washington, DC. Arizona has its own squad, a group of radical state representatives, one who pretends to represent Legislative District 26, east of Phoenix. Led by Arizona’s own AOC, Representative Athena Salman, this squad reeks havoc on its constituents who think these individuals have their best interests in […]

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GOP Precinct Committeemen Support BLM Curriculum

This November could be the last hurrah for the Republican Party. As the Constitution is nullified by a virus, too many in the Party think the reelection of President Trump will cure all that ails the country, including looting, lockdowns, riots, disrespect towards police, mask mandates, Corona Virus data tracking, and the old standbys of […]

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The Opportunists at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood hired their new CEO this week, and the choice proves the organization is no longer about healthcare and hasn’t been for quite some time. When the abortion giant selected their previous CEO, a carefully chosen physician, the subtle message was to quiet critics who claimed healthcare isn’t Planned Parenthood’s focus. But the bloom […]

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The Arizona GOP Needs a Come to Jesus Moment

Finally this year voters in the Kyrene Elementary School District in south Tempe, Ahwatukee, and part of Chandler were treated with a dynamic and unafraid governing board candidate. He was so unafraid the he along with a few additional community members called Kyrene on the carpet for the Board’s pending purchase of the divisive and […]

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