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Brophy Prep Teaches CRT and at Quite a Price

Parents who think they can avoid Critical Race Theory by sending their children to a private school may be in for a big surprise. Catholic parents who think they are safe from teacher union agendas because they chose a “Catholic” school for their children may also be very surprised. Brophy College Prep is Phoenix’s Jesuit […]

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Update to the Update

In our last update we posted information about another experimental injection event at St. Jerome’s parish. Catholics have been contacting the Diocese of Phoenix and the pastor of St. Jerome’s asking for the event to be canceled. Originally the Johnson and Johnson “vaccine” was advertised to be available at the event. In the last 24 […]

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Not in Our Catholic Churches Update

Yesterday we posted about St. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix providing experimental injections for Covid-19. We noticed they were offering the Johnson and Johnson product, which is discouraged by the Catholic Church due to its use of aborted fetal cells. Thanks to a reader who just sent us an updated chart from the Charlotte […]

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Not In Our Catholic Churches

As we watch Satan taking over our schools, we now have evidence the same is happening in our churches, even the Catholic Church. While we know evil is always prowling, most have a sense of peace and trust within our places of worship and feel protected from the outside world, even if it is just […]

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Why are Schools Surveying Students?

This week all the rage on social media was over surveys schools are sending to students prying for private information like a stalker, whether parents know about it or not. Again, the laws around schools surveying students is not a clear yes or no because the Arizona Legislature can’t make anything easy for their constituents. […]

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