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More Library Dangers

No longer can we assume good intentions when the political process is at play. Simultaneously, no longer can we assume our local libraries, whether municipal or school, are safe for children. As long as adults are insistent on sexualizing other people’s children, our guard must be up at all times. In our last post we […]

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LGBTQXXXXX,inc. and Arizona Lawmakers

The Arizona House Education Committee hearing on the afternoon of January 25, 2022 was a disgusting display of smut and wickedness, beyond what anyone could have imagined. Unfortunately the bills which were written to protect kids were instead used to demonize parents and provide a public platform for one state representative’s sex life. But here […]

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Satan Isn’t Coming to Town, He’s Already Here

We recently wrote a post that was controversial to some, even those who agree with us most of the time. The reason is near the end of it when we discussed the rise of Satan and the deliberate elimination of God in decisions made by educators and government officials. Christians who attend church weekly rarely […]

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Library Data Bases and How Your Taxes Allow Children to Access Obscene Material

We have been berating government officials for pushing more and more electronic devices on children, especially with Covid school closures. Before anyone heard of Covid, parents in Colorado discovered online library data bases being used in their school district and were dismayed at the content within. Since then, it seems the need for children to […]

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The Big Picture in Arizona: Sex Trafficking

Now that most of the country has awakened to the war on children, we must identify who is the puppetmaster and why. We used to think Big Education was simply aligned with the Democrats and so to them big government is better government. That might have been the case until the hypersexualization of children became […]

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