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Per the Teachers Union, Democrats are Behind the Sexualization of Arizona’s Kids

Democrats are not trying to run away from the grooming of Arizona’s kids, they just can’t anymore. Power is more important than anything else. While they don’t like the word “groomer”, the truth is the truth. For some reason Democrats believe “Minor-Attracted Person” is a more acceptable description for perverts. Adults whose minds associate kids […]

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All Arizona Children Have Access to”George”, the Kiddie Transition Porn Book

In September, a concerned Chandler Unified parent spoke about a library book which was offered in her sixth grade son’s school. According to her testimony, the book does not only discuss children transitioning, it also subtly lures kids who read the book to keep secrets from their parents. Here is the audio. Unfortunately for […]

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The Devil Went Down to Texas

It is assumed Texas and Florida are the go-to states for those who cherish the Constitution and traditional values. Unfortunately no place is safe from evil, and this time it’s a Texas school which is dabbling with Satan. And this time he was on display for all to see. Recently the Cedar Ridge High School […]

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Property Taxes Support Cool Alphabet T-Shirts

Just when you thought June was over three months ago, it somehow resurfaced in Phoenix. No, don’t check your calendar–the days are getting shorter and it has cooled off slightly from those difficult summer temperatures we have to endure. You thought you could bring your kids out in public again without the LGBTQAlphabet sex parades […]

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Injunction Filed Against Arizona Education Head Kathy Hoffman

On September 1, 2022 an injunction was filed in Maricopa County Superior Court against Kathy Hoffman, Arizona’s Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Earlier this year, Hoffman linked two online chat spaces to the Arizona Department of Education website, paid for by taxpayers.  These chats, QChat and QueerChat, are designed to lure youth and include an quick […]

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Abortion and Drag Queens

Summers tend to be quiet in Arizona, but not for those who sexually groom and exploit children. In case you missed it, a plant nursery in Tucson scheduled some adult performers to put on a show recently. Plantney hosted a Drag Queen Show, and not surprisingly most outside the Big Education industry consider this adult […]

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