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Why are Schools Surveying Students?

This week all the rage on social media was over surveys schools are sending to students prying for private information like a stalker, whether parents know about it or not. Again, the laws around schools surveying students is not a clear yes or no because the Arizona Legislature can’t make anything easy for their constituents. […]

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Beware “Consent Agenda”

Long gone are the days when parents could choose a school district based on values, reputation, and curriculum. All public school districts are pretty much the same now. Local control has disappeared because we were so trusting, and sadly, too many parents are still disengaged. Earlier this year, Mesa Public Schools (MPS) slipped a purchase […]

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How School Boards Groom Activists, In Her Own Words

After several well-attended governing board meetings during the 2019-20 academic year, Chandler Unified’s own Governing Board member, Lindsay Love, has become the face of government run sex ed for kids and Critical Race Theory in Arizona. She is a liberal media darling which has given energy to parents who don’t want any part of the […]

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