Arizona: Stop Blaming the Democrats!

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While most in the United States consider Arizona a “Red” state, those who live here know that isn’t the case. Well, it the case if the views and practices of individual households are evaluated. But for some reason, that isn’t translating to who is elected to office to represent these households. We assume this is because somehow Democrats are elected, but those who watch the Arizona Legislature year after year know there are plenty liberals in the Republican Party, and they aren’t even hiding anymore.

On March 3, 2022 a bill was quickly passed in both chambers and signed by Governor Doug Ducey, all in one day. Their normal rules of three reads for each bill were suspended. Was there a health emergency? Were Arizonans in danger? Were children being denied access to a public education due to mask or shot mandates? Were illegals streaming over the southern border? Were businesses closing due to Covid protocols and shut downs by the governor? Were there discrepancies found in the election processes in the state? None of the above were addressed at the speed of sound on March 3rd.

The legislation, HB2839, was hurried through both chambers due to some technicalities with candidates having to obtain signatures to be on the 2022 ballot, deadlines, and new district lines that were drawn. Phew, a crisis averted! What was included however, was a small clause buried in the bill which drastically changed the way Precinct Committeemen (the most powerful office in the land, keep that in mind) are elected. How the PC elections were changed took power away from the people. We will not go through the HB2839 weeds on this website. The reason for this introduction is this rushed bill revealed political hypocrisy and we are learning who the thugs are who call themselves Republicans and then fail to protect children. Notice when legislation is about themselves, our elected officials get it done. When it’s about the safety of children or defending the Constitution they took an oath to protect, well, not so much.

After days and days of testimony and interviews this past week, it became evident somebody wanted the Precinct Committeemen language in the rushed bill. Many legislators spoke out and some apologized for voting so quickly. Even some lobbyists took to the microphone at the legislature. Legislative Council, who writes legislation, was also blamed, as were various lobbyists. However, nobody will say which legislator requested the language to thwart Precinct Committeemen. Who are they protecting?

#PCPurge2022 (

We don’t know, but there is one legislator who hid for days once the HB2839 was passed and signed into law. There is one legislator who faced a successful recall that was thrown out due to a technicality. There is one legislator who is part of “Leadership” at the Capitol. There is one legislator who told a group of parents in the lobby of a Chandler School Board meeting two years ago he would have to talk to another legislator about whether to vote for a sex ed framework bill. In other words, it didn’t matter what parents were concerned about, he would take his lead from someone else. There is one legislator who purposely killed a fantastic election integrity bill by assigning it to 12 committees (that’s a big middle finger to the electorate). There is one legislator who assigned a second election integrity bill to a committee where his Red for Ed cohort would kill it (that’s a second middle finger to the electorate). That legislator’s name is Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers. It remains to be seen if he is the culprit. In the meantime, what is wrong with the following synopsis of both bills highlighted in blue? Would Rusty Bowers not retain his seat if these provisions were in place?

Speaker Bowers has been in office way too long. Isn’t that always the case? Why fix any election when whatever is going on is working for HIM? He represents the Mesa area, which was once extremely conservative. Speaker Bowers knows he can’t get elected in that area with a (D) next to his name, so he is a registered Republican. The same can be said of his cohorts representing LD 25, Representative Michelle Udall (RedforEd supporter) and Senator Tyler Pace.

There is a lot to unravel about Bowers. One concern that we don’t hear much about is from 2018 through 2020, Speaker Bowers sponsored bills to lessen requirements for an individual to be registered as a sex offender. Why is that? In 2020 his bill was HB2807 and he sponsored similar bills in 2018 and 2019. It doesn’t make sense that a father of seven children would not protect his own from a sex offender. That reminds us of Planned Parenthood’s track record in similar situations.

This link to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office shows Bowers’s donations for the 2020 election. Just like state Senator Tyler Pace, there are few to none $10 and $25 donations from neighbors and constituents. Instead, there is an abundance of large donations from Big Pharma and Healthcare PACs, many other PACs, attorneys, and lobbyists. How else does a local district candidate accumulate almost $200,000 in donations?

Why does an executive from Walmart care about a state legislative race in Arizona? One of the Waltons donated $5200. Is Speaker Bowers in office to represent Walmart, Arkansas, or his constituents in Mesa?

Rusty Bowers isn’t ready to call it a day yet. That would hurt the money flow to and from his lobbyists and attorneys, the political consultant fat cats who don’t give a darn about the citizens of Arizona. Open this link and click the green plus sign on the left of each name. Note how many donors are lobbyists. That brings us back to HB2839, the rushed bill which took power from the grassroots. We know lobbyist Jen Marson of the Arizona Association of Counties (AACO) was involved in the language of the “emergency” bill. Why does this lobbying group even exist? Most in Maricopa County have pretty much had it with the weight their own Board of Supervisors has thrown around the last couple years. Is it any coincidence Speaker Bowers killed election integrity bills while the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors have turned a deaf ear on election integrity as far back as 2018? A Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate posted this on September 22, 2018 in a local Republican blog.

Here is some of what Lobbyist Marson had to say about the language snuck into her organization’s HB2839 bill.

Marson’s association is “membership driven.” Whaaaaat? In other words, become a member, pay dues, buy your way in, whatever it takes, and you are then granted a seat at the table. Why can’t We The People access our legislators directly? Anyone who has tried to meet with a legislator regarding an issue knows many are not easy to connect with; their gatekeepers do a great job protecting them from the public who voted for them, put up signs, signed their candidate petitions, and donated to their campaigns. But the lobbyists somehow have excellent access. Again, it’s all about money and power and that is how we have lost our Republic and have just about lost our state.

Back in 2020, then state Senator Sylvia Allen sponsored a bill which provided some much-needed parameters for the teaching of sex ed in Arizona schools. Read more about that bill here. Senator Allen met with parents, teachers, and community members for eight months before the bill was ready to drop. However, the night before, “leadership” in the Arizona Legislature told her the bill would not be heard. Who was the leadership at the time? Senate President Karen Fann, Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers, and Governor Doug Ducey, all Republicans. All of them are controlled by big dollar interests–lobbysits, PACs, attorneys, consultants, etc. Why listen to parents? Why protect kids? Instead, the LGBTQXYZ abortion lobby won, all due to Republicans.

The tweet above exposes boy-crazy Daniel Hernandez and accused pedophile former state Senator Tony Navarette. Nice work, Arizona Legislature “Leadership” and your overpaid lobbyists.

Back in 2019, we saw another “emergency” bill rushed through the Arizona Legislature and signed by Governor Ducey in just a few days. In that case, we know who was the face of the bill. It was Senator TJ Shope and Cathi Herrod of Center for Arizona Policy. Grassroots activists in Arizona who were known for their pro-family activism were not contacted to weigh in on this historical legislation which legalized the teaching of LGBTQXXX in Arizona public schools. Christians protect children, they don’t use children for political gain.

In other legislative activities, parents in Arizona and around the country are told state legislatures can’t get laws passed to protect children if there are financial penalties in the bills. School districts know this, and refer to these as “So What?” bills. It is the lobbyists who are telling the legislators this. Very well, write a child protection bill with some teeth in it, with financial penalties to the district or perpetrators, and let the voters see which legislators want to protect kids or not. Then WE can make a change at the next election if needed. But no, our bills are meaningless Paper Tigers, enough to campaign on but not enough to hurt the lobbyists’ interests.

So Speaker Bowers, whether or not you were the legislator who successfully changed the way Arizona Precinct Committeemen are elected or not, we don’t know yet. However, we do know you and your lobbyist friends are part of the Republican abortion lobby and Drag Queens for children enablers.


3 Responses to Arizona: Stop Blaming the Democrats!

  1. Tom Fiedler April 4, 2022 at 1:08 pm #

    McClain’s article should have been front page headline news on March 4, 2022!

    But our media is too concerned about Putin v Zalenskyy, protecting pedophiles and injecting mRNA into 5 year-olds to notice. For they serve the World Economic Forum’s global central banks agenda of the Great Reset.

    The elite’s fiat currency banking system (Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Marks, Francs, Rubles, Pesos, Yuan/RMB, Yen) is long overdue to implode through the hyper-inflation that fiat currencies always eventually produce. As that occurs the global elite have arranged for the transfer of real wealth (natural resources and land) back to itself, by means of asset forfeiture through member banks. Just like they are doing with the Canadian truckers, General Flynn and Mike Lindell.

    The SARS-cov-2 “pandemic” bio-weapon was designed to throw the world into panic ridden pestilence and anarchy. And that condition would enable the Great Reset to occur through “natural” causes. But, apparently, the LORD’s Divine Providence did not permit that to scenario.

    The point in all this is: legislators and executive bureaucrats either represent their constituency, or they serve the elite.

    Our physical survival the survival of our republican form of government depend upon: No. 1 God and His Divine mercy upon us, and No. 2 exposure of those who serve the elite: Speaker Bowers, Governor Ducey, Secretary Hobbs, all 5 Maricopa County Supervisors, The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, the Maricopa County Clerk and Recorder, Steven Richer.

  2. Jan Baron April 4, 2022 at 8:30 am #

    Nailed it, Peggy! I am sick of hearing about the Red Wave. When are Republicans going to wake up and see that we have a Uniparty in Arizona?

    When you vote for a Democratic, you know what you are getting. When you vote Red, you are taking a risk of hiring another backstabber. Dems stick together; Republicans eat their own.

  3. Harry April 4, 2022 at 5:20 am #

    RIP Republican Party

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