GOP Precinct Committeemen Support BLM Curriculum

This November could be the last hurrah for the Republican Party. As the Constitution is nullified by a virus, too many in the Party think the reelection of President Trump will cure all that ails the country, including looting, lockdowns, riots, disrespect towards police, mask mandates, Corona Virus data tracking, and the old standbys of […]

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The Opportunists at Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood hired their new CEO this week, and the choice proves the organization is no longer about healthcare and hasn’t been for quite some time. When the abortion giant selected their previous CEO, a carefully chosen physician, the subtle message was to quiet critics who claimed healthcare isn’t Planned Parenthood’s focus. But the bloom […]

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The Arizona GOP Needs a Come to Jesus Moment

Finally this year voters in the Kyrene Elementary School District in south Tempe, Ahwatukee, and part of Chandler were treated with a dynamic and unafraid governing board candidate. He was so unafraid the he along with a few additional community members called Kyrene on the carpet for the Board’s pending purchase of the divisive and […]

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Raquel Teran, Abortion, El Salvador, and China?

The Arizona State Legislature has become a stage for many to gain attention, political connections, and camera time. Thankfully many of these bad actors do not represent the good residents of Arizona. Nonetheless, they hold a seat and a microphone. During the Corona Virus shutdown many hoped the Capitol and surrounding buildings would get a […]

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Senator Martin Quezada and His Pathogens

Everything we are dealing with on a day to day basis still seems to revolve around the Corona Virus. Of course, the virus has been politicized by all sides and especially those who can score political points. Arizona is no different. On May 8, 2020, Arizona’s State Senate met to decide whether to reconvene the […]

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Bill Gates and Satan

Microsoft’s Bill Gates has gotten his name all over the worldwide media again. At least this time many are rising up and saying no thanks, not this time, when his name is discussed as a developer of a Corona Virus vaccine. But what is really behind Bill Gates’s wanting to access our children? We were […]

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