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Maricopa County Supervisors Ignoring Citizens’ Planned Parenthood Concerns

Recently NotInOurSchools discovered federal grant money was being sent to Maricopa County to teach kids sex ed.  We requested taxpayers contact their supervisors to get some answers as to why this was approved and why the administrators chose curriculum linked to Planned Parenthood. The first response a reader reported to us is summarized here.  Since none of […]

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Maricopa County Denies it is Partnering with Planned Parenthood…….Well….

Recently a reader contacted the Maricopa County (Greater Phoenix Area) Supervisors regarding the article we wrote about county tax money going to Comprehensive Sex Ed.  None of the five supervisors responded, instead they dumped it on Dr. Robert England, Maricopa County Director of Public Health.  While Dr. England may or may not support Comprehensive Sex […]

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Maricopa County Siphoning Grant Money to Sexualize Arizona’s Kids

The money trail has to start somewhere, and in this case to nobody’s surprise the money to sexualize the children in Arizona’s largest county is coming from the United States federal government.  As long as the federal government keeps dangling the money carrot, governments of all levels, not just schools, will grab and spend it.  We are […]

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